No Harm in Looking

by K.T. Yalta

ISBN: 9780 9547 15083

Hardback 235mm x 155mm, 260pp, nine colour plates.

A beautiful hardback bound in the Edwardian tradition of marbled endpapers and with nine colour plates and numerous guilloches.

Diabolical instruments which seduce the musicians tempted to play them; unexplained arousals in a cinema in 1950s America; an enchanted garden inveigling visitors into its sylvan depths to enjoy the juices of their excited passions; a bored hotel receptionist voyeur who sees everything that goes on and imagines what does not; a 'sting' operation by MI5 employing a sexy maiden who might or might not be a doctor; a housemaid cleaning the nursery discovers sensual uses for the children's toys; a young lady seeking self improvement eventually surrenders to the language of love; the butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth head girl: was she really that innocent? and a sinister fairground providing the kind of enjoyment that nobody is able to resist.

These imaginative stories by K.T. Yalta will excite and arouse also your intellect and inevitably tickle your sense of humour.


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