Dogs on the Runway

by Roger Thyer-Jones

ISBN: 9780 9547 15090

Paperback 210mm x 134mm, 350pp, 20 black and white illustrations.

CATEGORY: Autobiography/martial arts

With an Irish mother, a Welsh father and a stormy adolescence in London, Roger turned to Michelle, his girlfriend and martial arts to move him away from a darker past.

Employed by the UK Immigration Service in Dover he developed this interest and when the Foreign Office posted him to Jamaica he discovered Seido Karate and won his black belt.

He pursued a successful career in intelligence, working with the security and law enforcement agencies across Europe. He studied in New York under Kaicho Nakamura, the Grand Master and is now the UK representative and branch chief of Seido Karate.

This is his story.

" enticeably readable account of a remarkable life... carries the reader along from start to finish..."

(Dagric Allen, Author and poet)

"...a noonday hot, scintillating, riveting and sensitive chronicle of his life, and I loved every page of his journey..."

(Tony Robinson, Jamaican Observer)

"...Although not a martial arts enthusiast myself, I found the author's reasons for his interest and commitment to Seido karate fascinating..."

(Nick Westfold, Teacher)

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