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Dogs on the Runway
by Roger Thyer-Jones

£9.99 Paperback

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No Harm in Looking
by K.T. Yalta

£14.99 Hardback


The Adventures of Anna by Roger Thyer-Jones

Given away to a security company by her owner who cannot cope with her, Anna falls into the hands of a nasty dog trainer who works for an Irish gangster. Her fate is almost sealed until she is rescued by a girl struggling to find her own identity and to unlock the powers that are growing within her. Fate leads her to a mystery woman who opens the door to a hidden world.

Desperate to escape from her pursuers, the rescuers flee to Ireland where they seek sanctuary in a travelling circus until their new world crashes down on them. An unlilkely alliance forms as they face the wrath of the underworld. Christmas is coming. The chase is fast and furious but there can only be one outcome.


 Price £8.50.   ISBN: 9780 9573 639 7 7

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