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The Trouble with Spain

by Martin Lloyd

ISBN: 9780 9547 15014

Paperback 210mm x 134mm, 264pp, 33 black and white illustrations, one map.

CATEGORY: Travel humour

Recounting more of Martin Lloyd's bizarre exploits a-wheel and, as usual, enlivened by his quirky illustrations.

From the bestselling author of The Trouble with France comes the eagerly awaited sequel, The Trouble with Spain.

"...makes Munchausen look like a liar..."

Still smarting from his brutal encounter with Gaul as detailed in his much acclaimed book The Trouble with France, Martin Lloyd drags his bicycle over the Pyrenees to pursue the twin delights of sun and breakfast.

What factor this time will defeat his proposed headlong plunge into raw hedonism? Will it be his profound and extensive ignorance of Spanish history or perhaps his coarse insensitivity to the culture of the peninsula? Or would it be the damning condemnation that he is just too lazy to learn the language?

Read The Trouble with Spain and you will discover nothing about bull fights and enjoy no colourful descriptions of sensual flamenco dancing but you will learn why you cannot train goldfish to be guard dogs and you will clearly understand why even Martin Lloyd's trousers ran away from him.

Caution: Contains moderate use of humour, some expressions in foreign language and a short but ultimately frustrating scene in a lady's bedroom.

Read excerpt from this book


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