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Rue Amélie

by Martin Lloyd

ISBN: 9780 9547 15076

Paperback 210mm x 134mm, 280pp.

CATEGORY: Thriller

"What do you want me to do? Dispose of a blackmailer? Empty a bank? Push a pimp in front of the metro? Collect your cat from the vet?"

Her dark eyes settled on me again as she appraised me. I returned her gaze evenly.

"Can you do all those things?" Her voice was careful.

I nodded thoughtfully. "I'm no good with animals," I said.

Following the success of The Chinese Transfer, Martin Lloyd takes us back to the seedy side of Paris in the 1970s. Joel LeBatard, a down and out driver for a small time crook, loses his boss's car and his position. With no job and soon to be thrown out of his bedsit,  he accepts a commission from a woman he meets at a funeral, to discover where her father had invested his secret pension.

LeBatard discovers that others are on the same trail - a ruthless gangster whom he has already been stupid enough to upset, and an ex-colleague from his army days who now heads an undercover squad in the Ministry of Defence. They will stop at nothing to get their hands on the very thing that he is looking for, but nobody can tell him what it is.

The hectic action takes them to the four corners of Paris. Whilst pursuing his relentless search LeBatard struggles with two difficulties: is his new employer telling him the truth and how, in the face of such energy and charm, can he uphold his vow never to get mixed up with another woman?

"Another fast paced thriller from Martin Lloyd."

Read excerpt from this book


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