Fire, Smoke and Iron

Spanish Artists and the Bilbao Iron Industry

by Martin Lloyd

ISBN: 978-09573639-3-9

Softback 210 x 295 mm. 68pp, 93 colour, 39 black and white illustrations and 3 maps. Heavy coated gloss paper for optimum art reproduction.

CATEGORY: Art, history.

With bright orange flames roaring from the mouths of blast furnaces, rolling billows of smoke belching from tall chimneys and glowing red molten iron bubbling and pouring along the ground, it is not surprising that the iron industry of Bilbao inspired Spanish artists to record their impressions in every way that they could.

Using the works as illustrations this book explains how iron is extracted, smolted then turned into steel, in a language and with a clarity that every layman can understand.

Originally published to accompany a lecture, this book is a profusely illustrated work of non fiction.