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Every Picture

by Martin Lloyd

ISBN: 9780 9547 15052

Paperback 210mm x 134mm, 317pp.


"I don't even know who you are," she shouted and angrily kicked a cushion out of the way. "You've been laughing at me all along. You've been playing with me. Just something to amuse you... Your bit on the side."

"I've only kissed you three times!"

"And whose fault is that?"

"Yours. You played hard to get."

"I didn't play at anything," she shouted as she ran down the stairs, her jacket trailing in her wake and her breath coming in sobs. "I was serious."

When the son of an earl meets the daughter of a coal miner in the doorway of the art college he does not tell her that he is a viscount. Why should he? How was he to know that their paths would cross and recross and that he would fall in love with her?

And once that had happened he finds it impossible to tell her the truth for fear of losing her. At the very moment that they finally admit their feelings for one another, the relationship is wrenched asunder as their lives take a violent and unpredictable turn, casting their two destinies onto divergent courses.

Will they ever meet again?

"...a tender and engaging love story.."

Read excerpt from this book


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