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The Chinese Transfer

by Martin Lloyd

ISBN: 9780 9547 15021

Paperback, 134mm x 210mm, 272pp.

CATEGORY: Thriller

Martin Lloyd blends action and romance with just the right amount of humour to bring you a fast moving thriller set in the world of coach tourism in Paris in the 1970s.

"Are you alright?" I asked a little belatedly.

"No I am not alright." She slapped the newspaper down on her knees. "I don't like your behaviour, I don't like your friends and I don't like the way you drive."

"Well that's fine then," I shouted back. "I don't like your attitude, and I don't like your friends either and come to think of it, this all started because I didn't like the way you drove so that makes us evens."

Paris in the 1970s - student demonstrations, union strikes and oppressive heat. Coach driver Simon Laperche is sent to Orly Airport to pick up a Chinese group and take them to their hotel in the city. A run of the mill job. He could do it with his eyes shut. It was a pity about the guide, but then, he could not expect to please everybody.

Abruptly, things go wrong. The plane is diverted to Lyons and Laperche is ordered to drive his coach south to meet it... and he has to take that infuriating guide with him. Unknown to them both, a terrorist unit has targeted their group and is intent upon its destruction.

Stalked by the terrorists, the driver and guide continue to bicker as they struggle to bring their group safely to Paris. Will the mutual respect which eventually begins to grow between them prove strong enough when the test comes?

"... this is storytelling as it used to be..."

Read excerpt from this book


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