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The Trouble with France

An audiobook read by Martin Lloyd

by Martin Lloyd

Complete and unabridged.

The audiobook consists of 5 CDs, read by the author himself.

CATEGORY: Travel humour

"...makes Baedeker's look like a guidebook..."

When Martin Lloyd set out on his holiday to Suffolk why did he end up in Boulogne? What caused Max the Mad Alsatian to steal his map and what did the knitted grandma really think of his display of hot plate juggling? The answers to these and many more mysteries are to be found in The Trouble with France - an unusual kind of travel book.

The Trouble with France contains no recipes and no hand drawn maps. It does not recount how somebody richer than you went to a part of France that you have never heard of, bought a stone ruin for a song and converted it into a luxurious retreat which they expect you to finance by buying their book.

Nor is it the self satisfied account of another ultra fit expedition cyclist abseiling down Everest on a penny farthing but Martin Lloyd attempting an uneventful ride on a mundane bicycle through an uninteresting part of France.... and failing with outstanding success.

The Trouble with France is now a worldwide success thanks to Margaret's Mum who went down the road and told her friend Pat about it.

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